Blog Building: More Than Just SEO

Blog Building: More Than Just SEO

For years the concept that “content is king” has been parroted by marketing companies and entrepreneurs in the digital space, but what does that mean? Most of the time this is understood as meaning that written content is one of the strongest factors in SEO, but that speaks mostly to quantity. It’s true that pages with very little content generally don’t rank as well as sites and pages with substantial content, but it’s important to remember the human element. Particularly in blog building.

Blogs are popular tools for building site traffic, but what a blog is first and foremost is a place to share ongoing information with others. It’s of little use when its only purpose is to act like a series of landing pages to sell something, both because it comes off as pushy and also because it’s probably boring.

Don't stop at outsourcing your SEO.

Some businesses make the mistake of assuming that when they outsource SEO to a firm they never need to think about the content on their site again. But no matter how good the outsourced writers are, at a point there’s nothing like the personal touch of the business owner weighing in on their industry of expertise. Especially if that person’s style is playful or offers a fresh perspective.

It shows a level of personal investment that people like to see, and it humanizes the organization to see that a person customers may even interact with is contributing to the site publicly. The content might be more shareable than another bland industry post, and these days social engagement is more important than ever. In Google’s quest to rank interesting, useful content higher than the noise, it takes how many times a page has been shared as a cue for its influence.

Adding to the blog building momentum.

Outsourcing content is a way to pass off some of the heavy listing to someone else, and can be useful when the business owner just isn’t feeling it. This is the same concept as social media management, which is another way to offload the task of keeping the pages updated. But those who work at the company should definitely still post to the page when possible, even if they’re covered in the event that it’s a dry month creatively and the staff can’t think of something to add to the blog.

Within reason the extra content is always useful, and it adds flavor to the site’s blog that readers will enjoy. And because the site feels more personal, those readers will be more likely to sign up for newsletters or other forms of conversion on the site.

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