Google Update Rewards Mobile Friendly Websites

Google Update Rewards Mobile Friendly Websites

In Google's continuous efforts to enhance user experience in finding information on the web comes a new tidbit when doing searches from your phone. When using a mobile device to do a search, Google will now include a designation that a website is mobile friendly.

As seen in our screenshot, a search for "plumbers Winston Salem" produces a list of results that now shows the Angie's List result as being mobile friendly. This makes it easy for mobile users to quickly see which sites will be easy to use on their phones and tablets.

What this means for the users is less waiting on sites to load only to have to hit 'back' because it's tough to navigate. Now, know before you visit if the site is designed for the mobile experience.

What does this mean for business owners? It means that it's not just a good idea to use a responsive web design, it's crucial. It was bad enough when mobile users might have gotten frustrated with your outdated site and left, but now they'll know before they "click" that your site isn't made for their phones. Talk about missed opportunities.

So what qualifies as a mobile friendly site?

Google is saying that in order to display as a mobile friendly site, a website must follow certain criteria:

  • A primarily HTML/CSS driven site; i.e. not a flash site that uses technology that may not display properly on mobile devices
  • Use text that is readable without having to zoom
  • Automatically size the content to screen size so the user doesn't have to horizontally scroll
  • Links are placed far enough apart to touch each one easily without having to zoom

If your site includes all these elements, Google says it will show the mobile friendly designation. It's not yet clear if businesses using standalone mobile versions of their sites will be considered to have satisfied the requirements since it loads separately, but it's safe to assume that responsive websites should have no trouble.

If you're considering updating your website to ensure a mobile friendly experience, reach out to us today!

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