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Your Basic Responsive Theme Might Be Killing Your Conversion

Mobile optimization for conversion

More websites have gotten on board with going mobile than ever in the last 2 years, which is a big step forward for the web. While having a responsive design is imperative to being taken seriously on the web these days, there’s more to having a successful website than a responsive template. And that responsive design?…

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DIY SEO Part 2: On-Page Elements

Every site needs on-page optimization for good SEO results

Part 2 of our DIY SEO guide. Now that you have a starter keyword list to go from and a base line for analytics, it’s time to finesse the website itself. We’ll go over a few higher-level tips first that are important to bear in mind, then get into the nuts and bolts of writing…

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How To Increase Website Conversion in 4 Steps

SEO writing - content matters

4 Ways To Convert More Readers With No-BS Content One of the fastest ways to lose a prospect is to squander your first few seconds on a fluffy intro paragraph. We’ve all seen an article about marketing that begins something like: In this digital age, having a cohesive message is more important than ever. Generic…

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Conversion-Focused SEO

Conversion focused SEO for more business

SEO companies have been around long enough now that most people understand the basic concept. But if you ask most people what they think it’s about they’ll usually say the same thing: more traffic. Most SEO folks I’ve met simply re-affirm this. The trouble with traffic-focused SEO is that it ignores the most important thing…

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I’m Ranking For My Keywords But My Phone’s Not Ringing!

Ranking for keywords but no phone calls

This is a common complaint with business owners trying their hands at online marketing. Maybe they’ve tried writing some SEO articles themselves, but just as often they’ve worked with some local SEO companies and haven’t seen the bang for the buck. If you’ve seen the ranking reports and can confirm your rankings for your keyword list…

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Is Your Website Really Mobile-Friendly?

Mobile-friendly websites - responsive design

When Google announced its algorithm change in April that would favor mobile-friendly websites in search, a lot of people in the industry coined it “Mobilegeddon”. The thinking of course was that at that point if you didn’t have a mobile-friendly website it might mean the end for you in search results. That reaction proved to…

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How the Right Web Design Captures Customers

Everything about your website plays into that quick first impression a visitor gets after the page loads. Attention spans may not be quite as short as some would have you believe, but it’s still a factor. You don’t want a web design that immediately creates doubt about whether to continue for the visitor, right? Here…

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