Frequently Asked Questions

What Is SEO?

Mechanic brakes like SEO

Most people have probably heard of it, but it can often sound like a bunch of technical jargon wrapped around a mysterious concept. Today hopefully we can dispel that. SEO is an acronym that stands for search engine optimization. Literally then, optimizing a website for search engines. That is indeed how it began, but like…

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A View of the Long-Term Game of Modern SEO

The Golden Circle - Long game SEO

Short game SEO is as inefficient as corporate board room meetings where plans are only made for maximizing profits in the next quarter. Much of the time, the things that may equal big short term gains are not good for the long term. This forces everyone involved to play a constant game of “Now what?”…

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Why You Need Fast WordPress Hosting Now

The speed at which your website loads is important period, as we’ve covered in previous posts. But with WordPress in particular there is a database file that operates in conjunction with the site files. Each time a page loads there are various database calls being made, and not all web hosts are set up to…

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Advantages of A Free Online Website SEO Audit

There are guides all over the web for increasing your search rankings and tightening up your website’s SEO. But with so many tools at your disposal, where do you begin? That’s exactly where a free website SEO audit comes in. Keep reading and you’ll have your site running lean in no time. Prioritizing your SEO…

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Does Domain Expiration Affect Site Ranking?

Domain expiration affecting ranking

For a long time it was believed that how far out the domain expiration was affected a site’s ranking with Google. The thinking was that if you bought a domain for five years versus one, for example, that it showed you were serious about the site and therefore Google would give it preferential treatment. In…

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Is SEO Dying?

Is SEO is dead?

This is an old question, but one that people continue asking today. The short answer is “no”, but if you’re asking you probably want to know why. Probably 6-7 years ago I remember my first time really hearing that claim by a guy selling a network marketing product for marketing businesses online. Ironically his product did actually employ…

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Your Photos Might Be Hampering Your SEO

Photos file size and SEO

Graphical elements are good in a website. Photos show personality and let viewers get to know your business better. But skipping an important step between taking the photo and uploading it could hamstring your site’s ranking efforts. Make sure to resize your photos for web use! Your average 8-14 megapixel camera might take photos that are…

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About WordPress’ Robots.txt File

robots.txt facts

Setting up a robots.txt file for your website. You may have heard of robots.txt, but what is it exactly and what does it do? This file is something that web programs, called crawlers or bots, look at when they first examine your site. Google uses bots to explore and understand the websites around the world…

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I’m Ranking For My Keywords But My Phone’s Not Ringing!

Ranking for keywords but no phone calls

This is a common complaint with business owners trying their hands at online marketing. Maybe they’ve tried writing some SEO articles themselves, but just as often they’ve worked with some local SEO companies and haven’t seen the bang for the buck. If you’ve seen the ranking reports and can confirm your rankings for your keyword list…

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Is Your Website Really Mobile-Friendly?

Mobile-friendly websites - responsive design

When Google announced its algorithm change in April that would favor mobile-friendly websites in search, a lot of people in the industry coined it “Mobilegeddon”. The thinking of course was that at that point if you didn’t have a mobile-friendly website it might mean the end for you in search results. That reaction proved to…

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