Case Study: Financial Pathways of the Piedmont

Case Study: Financial Pathways of the Piedmont

Contrary to some of the other sites we've built, Financial Pathways of the Piedmont is a very information-driven resource. As a non-profit, their goal is to provide information and useful services to the Triad — not to sell products.

Their former site had a wealth of financial resources, but as screen resolutions increased and mobile devices became prominent, it was clear that more was needed to create a good user experience.

How, after all, can a user smoothly sift through so much information?

Financial Pathways wanted a site that was visually similar to their previous look so it wouldn't be jarring to returning visitors, so we set about creating concepts that would preserve that feel and be simpler to use. With the sheer amount of information on the site, breaking things into manageable sections and making the contrasts between those sections clear was important.

The new design takes full advantage of newer, wider screens used today. The front page features full-width lush visuals to present site sections, share client stories, and even to encourage donations. Color was an effective way to create visual separation with their various "paths", allowing the eye to snap quickly from one section to another. For returning visitors, this also meant that they could remember things like "I need the green area" and find it even more quickly.

All sections were color matched, so for example all sub-sections of Senior Financial Care are also yellow like the top layer. A secondary menu on the right hand sidebar allowed for quick access to various aspects of the site by colors, and section color was reinforced on the title overlay for each page.

Everything is completely responsive, breaking down cleanly on all mobile devices to make it as easy to browse on the go just as quickly.

Quick access click-to-call buttons are on the sidebar of all pages, allowing mobile users to quickly arrive on the site and get connected.

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