Case Study: Utility Trailer Sales of Mt. Airy

Case Study: Utility Trailer Sales of Mt. Airy

The redesign for Utility Trailer Sales of Mt. Airy was a transformation. What began as a single-page website with a phone number and a few featured trailers grew into a rich website full of information, geared toward sales.

The folks at Utility Trailer wanted to build their brand out on the web as an alternative to paid publications. Unfortunately, a one page website isn't ideal for customer experience, and certainly isn't enough content to impact search rankings the way they needed. The dated looking design wasn't sending the message the dealership deserved.

With any dealer or franchise, you often see the corporate site with all its bells and whistles, and then can contrast individual dealerships. Often the dealership sites fall into one of two traps:

  1. Their site looks almost identical to both the corporate site and every other dealer website on the web, complete with recycled content. This minimizes SEO impact and does little to differentiate that dealer from any other.
  2. Their site looks dated and simplistic compared to the "more professional" corporate site.

This new design alleviated both concerns, giving Utility Trailer Sales of Mt. Airy a modern, professional look that wasn't overly derivative of corporate.

Informational pages on every Utility trailer model were carefully crafted, letting each product page tell its story and make it easy for readers to search that model in the online inventory or compare against other models. Doing this meaningfully bulked the content out, and gave the site a robust feel. That, paired with a tight navigation menu, makes comparing models and purchasing easy.

These pages also helped establish a strong base for search rankings; the site could now rank for local searches involving the individual trailer models in ways it never could before.

From there we built an online inventory system that could be easily managed by the owner. He could remove trailers as they sold as well as add new ones quickly, increasing the access to online sales.

Big, eye-catching images featured on each page made use of the full-width design on PCs and mobile. The information was a great addition, but the large imagery grounded each page by breaking up the design and making it more memorable.

Utility Trailer Sales of Mt. Airy now had an attractive site that worked on all devices. It was ready to be promoted, geared to turn visitors into customers.

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