SEO Writing For Your Brand Message

SEO writing - content mattersYour website is one of your best sales reps, primarily because it works day and night even when you and your staff are sleeping. The site is also where prospective customers will go to learn more about you — even if they originally heard about you elsewhere.

This is why thoughtful SEO writing is as important as design and other major elements of the website. Your site needs to look sharp and navigate easily, but it also needs to read well.

A lot of what goes into SEO campaigns is technical, but you’d be surprised how many components of SEO are also creative. Because the reader should always be the focus, methodologies that are too search engine-centric tend not to convert very well.

Choose carefully when it comes to SEO writing

When frequently-echoed advice like “content is king” gets thrown around, the temptation to use page content as an excuse to load keywords is strong.  Some mistake “well-optimized” content for well-written content, which are actually very different things.

The technical aspects of SEO, though numerous, are something most people can learn. If you have the time and inclination, there is a wealth of information on the web to get you started. Even if you only learn the basics it can be a big help to you as you perform your own site updates.

If you’re looking to hire an SEO company you want them for more than simply tweaking some behind-the-scenes elements of your site and churning out page-filling material, right?

This is where the creative aspect of SEO comes into play.

Strong campaigns use specialists

Both businesses trying SEO on their own and even some SEO firms treat content as a secondary thing. The keyword research and coding aspects are foremost, and page content or blog posts are simply filler to have something tangible to show.

This results in cheap outsourcing or production mill types of material. The internet is full of enough noise with everyone trying to build their rankings and using the same hurried techniques. A business can break through that noise by being personable, by being real, and by employing thoughtful content that’s as interesting as it is useful.

At Design One Web, design and content always go hand in hand. You don’t want an amateur coding your site, and the same standard should apply to how the copy represents your brand.

Specialized SEO writing involves considering how each sentence impacts another, how each paragraph contributes to the overarching point, and how easy the whole thing is to read.

The language we use applies to your business, your brand’s tone, and the type of clientele you’re looking for.

Jargon, long and confusing sentences, or disorganized copy in general are sales killers. With well-written SEO copy your visitors:

  • stay on your site longer
  • are more likely to contact you and remember you
  • have more faith in your professionalism

Give it some thought and ask questions. When you’re ready, contact us for a consultation to discuss how improving your site design and your SEO content will bolster your conversion rate and give you a better bottom line.