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When people say they’re interested in local SEO for their businesses, what they’re really after is more customers. This seems like a given, but so much of the SEO strategy that gets thrown around seems focused only on traffic figures. Sure, the number of visits to your website matters, but that metric is useless on its own. Is your site actually equipped to sell?

Too often we see basic sites, or even “pretty” ones, that seem thrown together without a marketing purpose. Those business owners then think that all that’s left is driving traffic to it and everything will fall into place. But if the content is weak or unclear those readers probably won’t see a reason to stay. And even if the content is decent, if the design in general isn’t leading the reader anywhere it’ll lead to a nice bump in monthly traffic but little change to the business’ bottom line.

Building with the right direction in mind

This is one of the main reasons we prefer to build or redesign websites we’re building SEO campaigns for in Winston Salem and Greensboro. Sometimes, sure, a site is already well put together. But in a lot of cases there are some big opportunities for improvement (particularly mobile design) that we know going into it will affect performance and customer conversion, and it’s a disservice to clients to try generating extra traffic for a site unlikely to convert. It’s like pouring water into a jug with holes in it. Until you plug those holes, you’ll lose a fair amount of the water you add and the whole thing will be inefficient.

By having a stake in the design, messaging, and the SEO we can ensure all aspects of the site cohesively work toward the real end goal: more customers. After all, no other metric really matters if that one isn’t increasing.

SEO and web design are just as creative as they are technical.

This is the reason it’s a mistake to use an IT firm to build your website, for example. They seem a good match at first; IT is a computer-driven field and so is website design. Knowing code is fine, but if the typical IT person spent as much time learning about marketing trends and techniques as those in the web industry they wouldn’t be a very good IT person. You can’t build a website without coding and technical skills, but you can’t build a successful website without the creative end of the skill set.

Building a solid SEO campaign is the same way. It’s more than a to-do list of technical items that, if checked off, will bring the traffic to new heights.

The biggest misconception about SEO, in those looking for it and in some of those doing it, is that it’s all about search engines. The name itself is somewhat misleading, because “search engine optimization” indeed sounds like it’s only about tweaking a site for better search engine performance. In truth, the most successful SEO campaigns are built with humans in mind at least as much as robots reading a site. If you’re working with a competent designer and developer they understand the marketing end of the aesthetics as much as the technical. And if you’re working with a competent SEO writer they understand what good writing is in and of itself, and can blend that with the technical aspects of SEO.

We point that out here because, frankly, one look at how much is out there that totally misses this point begs the point to be made. Are there a bunch of very talented web developers and SEO teams in Winston Salem and Greensboro? Absolutely. But knowing how to spot them is crucial.

The Next Step…

Whether you’re looking to hire a firm to handle your SEO or are interested in consulting to learn to do it yourself, you’re in the right place. If you’ve read to this point you know at least one thing: we stand by what we do and are happy to answer questions. It’s worth a phone call to see if it’d be a good fit for your business. Give us a ring at (336) 245-4805, or if talking another time would be better visit our contact page and we’ll get in touch with you when it’s more convenient.

We’re based in Winston Salem, NC, but service all surrounding areas of the Triad including Greensboro, High Point, and Lexington. If you’re located elsewhere and are still interested in working together for design or consulting, we can certainly still help you.