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Started in August of 2013, designOneweb became the primary website design arm of DWWEBWORX.COM. David Wyatt, owner and lead designer at DWWEBWORX.COM, wanted to create a website design company whose focus was on creating sites for the modern browser experience. Since the advent of smartphones and tablets, consumers have become to rely much more heavily upon mobile devices to browse the web. Because of this, it has become a necessity that companies have a web presence that is optimized to provide the best viewing experience across all platforms … desktop, tablet and mobile phones. Many companies have failed to move forward to embrace this change in technology and consumer behavior. designOneweb was founded to help companies step into the mobile age. Creating responsive websites using WordPress, the world’s leading Content Management System (CMS), our site designs offer your visitors a user-friendly, easy to navigate and easy to read site no matter what device they are using to view your website.


David Wyatt

David Wyatt - Owner and Renaissance Man
Owner & Lead Designer

David could be called somewhat of a renaissance man.  An accomplished singer/songwriter, the creative arts have always been his passion. But he also has a love for science and math.

“Math, especially the logic required of problem solving, has always come easy for me.” says Wyatt.  “I’ve always been able to dig into a problem, examine  the various parameters and see the solution.”

This love of numbers lead to a career in finance. In 1985, he became a licensed stockbroker and spent the next 15 years as a personal financial analyst.

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